1. The subject of the present agreement (hereinafter – the Agreement) is relations between the Limited Liability Company "Sibir-TV" (hereinafter – the Service) and You (hereinafter – the User) regarding the use, including that connected with the use of intellectual property objects, as well as other services of the Service.

2. The Services should be understood as the access to television, audiovisual content in digital format granted to the User.

3. The User is any individual who accesses Service.

4. The present Agreement becomes available (offer) to the User upon entering the Service.

5. The Further use of the Service is a confirmation of the User's consent with (acceptance of) the terms of this Agreement.

6. The User's use of the Service or any of its services means the User's unconditional consent with all clauses of the present Agreement and unconditional acceptance of its terms.

7. The Service reserves the right, at its own discretion, to amend the Agreement at any time without special prior and (or) subsequent notification of the User.

8. The current version of the Agreement is available at http://app.sibir.tv/terms.html

9. The continued use of the Service by the User after any amendments to the Agreement implies the User's consent to such amendments.

10. The Service provides the User with access to audiovisual works (hereinafter – the Content) that are posted on the Service for personal non-commercial use only. The User shall not use the Content for commercial purposes, including the provision of a paid access to the Content, using the Content for advertising revenue or subscriber fees. The User has the right to use the Content exclusively for private screening and shall not use the Content (in part or in whole) in any other way. Any other use of the Content, except for private screening, is a violation of this Agreement and intellectual property protected by law, and will be subject to legal prosecution and may result in punishment under Art. 146 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, or Art. 7.12 of the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Violations, as well as the submission of claims provided for in Art. 1252 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

11. The User assures not to perform any actions aimed at bypassing of the technical safeguards (in particular, the territorial access restriction system or the system of protection from unauthorized copying).

12. The access to the Service and the Content is provided in an "as it is" format, and the Service does not guarantee the compliance of the provided services with the User's expectations. In order to fulfill the obligations under this Agreement, the Service reserves the right to engage third parties for the organization of access to the Services.

13. The User understands and agrees that the Service may, at its own discretion and without special notification of the User, change the set of the Content and/or the feature set of the Service.

14. The User understands and agrees that the Service does not guarantee the error-free and uninterrupted operation of the Service and in the default mode does not bear responsibility for the harm caused to the User by technical failures of hardware or software on either side.

15. The User is entitled to view an unlimited number of the Content from the Content catalog within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of activation and payment for the service. To activate the service, the User must make a payment. The User gets an access to the paid Content after the full payment for services.

The User gets acquainted with information about the terms of service and tariffs independently. The provision of Services begins after the User has made a payment.

16. The User is obliged to:

- pay for Services on time and in full;

- monitor the changes in terms of the User Agreement independently;

- use the services for personal non-commercial purposes only, comply with the terms of this agreement, do not violate the rights and legitimate interests of LLC "Sibir-TV".

17. In case of failure to use the access services to the paid Content after the services have been paid in full, due to the faults caused by LLC "Sibir-TV", the User has the right to contact the support service of LLC "Sibir-TV" (tel: + 7-3842-90- 07-49, e-mail: content@sibir.tv) to solve the emerging technical problems with access. If it is impossible to solve the problem of access, the User has the right to demand a refund for the service not rendered. LLC "Sibir-TV" undertakes to return money to the User's current account during the period stipulated by the payment supplier.

18. All used and posted results of intellectual activity (content) are the intellectual property of their legal owners and are protected by the legislation on intellectual property of the Russian Federation, as well as the relevant international legal conventions. Any use of the placed results of intellectual activity (Content) without the permission of the legal right holder of the corresponding results of intellectual activity is illegal.

19. The User does not receive the intellectual property rights to the Content, in particular he does not have the right to reproduce units of the Content, sale, other alienation, public display, public performance, dissemination to the general public and etc. For violation of intellectual property rights of the Content's right holders or third parties the User is solely responsible in accordance with the current legislation.

20. For any actions infringing the copyrights of third parties, the User independently bears the legal and other responsibility provided by the applicable current legislation for such actions.

21. The User agrees with the use of his/her personal data by the Service in order to ensure the operation of the Service, providing the User with access to the Content, as well as information services for the User.

22. The Service undertakes not to disclose information about the User to third parties without the consent of the User, except for disclosure of information at the request of the court and/or law enforcement authorities in accordance with the applicable law.

23. The Service reserves the right, at any time and at its own discretion, to suspend, restrict or terminate the User's access to the Service, including, but not exclusively, the cases of violation of the present Agreement and/or legislation by the User.

24. The access to the Service is provided on the territory, which is the aggregate of the territories of the countries serviced by the Service, where there is a technical possibility of providing the Service, taking into account the possible restrictions of the coverage territory specified for a particular device and/or Service.
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